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There are only a handful of destinations in the world that can be visited anytime of the year and Ooty, famously known as queen of hill stations, is proudly one of them. Its weather, people and scenic beauty are so enticing that it has attracted many blockbuster Hindi filmmakers to shoot and make their movies memorable. It has so much to offer that planning a long weekend trip well in advance is recommended. It is well connected through road, rail and air so reaching Ooty should be easy breezy. I have visited Ooty several times and its 280kms from Bangalore

Landscape of Ooty

Ooty Lake – Most of the tourists start their day out with Ooty Lake. This Lake is spread on about 65 acres of land. Tourists always enthrall it for its varieties of boat rides. Surrounded by greenery, the boat rides do offer a very enchanting experience. If you plan your trip during summer, you may catch the boat pageantry and boat racing. It also has a little garden and many playful activities for children therefore it is always bustling and busy. For Salman Khan fans’ visiting this lake is a must as his first taste of success Maine Pyar Kiya was partly shot here.

Ooty Lake

Doddabetta Peak – The highest peak of Nilgiris, Doddabetta Peak is always much sought after tourist locations for it has been used as a heavenly backdrop in many films. You can easily catch the UNESCO recognized heritage “Toy train” from Ooty or if trekking interests you then a picturesque 10km trek is recommended. Once you reach the top, the alluring view all around is to behold forever. Since it is in the middle of several other smaller peaks, it gives an extraordinary view from the top.

Doddabetta Peak

Botonical Garden – On the lower slopes of Doddabetta Peak is this artistic Garden. Since it is on a slope, its layout has been designed in a terraced manner. A wide variety of plants are harbored and maintained by the authorities not just for tourists but also for educational and research purposes. Here the flower show is organized which attracts hundreds of flower exhibitors and thousands of flower enthusiasts.

Botonical Garden

Pykara Falls – Just about 20 kilometers from Ooty is Pykara falls cascading down in all its glory till the edge of plateau of Mukurthi Peak. It gives a million different photogenic angles to photographers. You can spend an entire evening here with your family. There is a small eatery here for a pleasant recess. The gushing water from the fall is very refreshing. The ideal time would be anytime from October till February.

Pykara Falls

Avalanche Lake – A 28km drive from Ooty is avalanche Lake. This destination is just as beautiful and the journey for it. You will pass through forests and if you are lucky you will spot wild animals on the way. After the adventurous drive, you will reach this captivating and peaceful lake. If the gushing water from a fall makes you refreshed then the stillness of Avalanche Lake will tranquilize you. You can enjoy boat rides here too sometimes. There is dense green cover all year round because of which it attracts visitors all through the year.

Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake

Coonoor – If your idea of a weekend trip is relaxing and peacefully rejuvenating then head straight 21 km away to Coonoor. Its weather is just as good as Ooty with a lot less tourists and a lot more peace. It has beautiful Sim’s park for long walks, Dolphin’s nose for trekkers and vast tea plantation for quaint evening outings. You can easily spend your weekends here doing pretty much the same things that you would do in Ooty so choose wisely.



With so many places to cover, you better plan your itinerary well or if possible go there a few times because with each visit will mark a deeper impression.

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