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Serenely Yours, Chikmagalur

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

With the onset of summer, you must have already started looking for cooler habitats. Just about 250 km away from Bangalore city is this pristine hill station Chikmagalur. Since it is at foothills of the western ghats, it offers majorly natural and ethereal tourist’s delights. It is connected to Bangalore very well as it is approx around 250 kms hence tourists can reach easily here from any part of the country. I have visited Chikamaglur few times both in summer and winter and listed down the list of places which should be in your list so pick your weekend on the calendar and head down south.

1. Halebidu Temple – An architecturally grand 12th century Shiva temple is a treat for travelers who are mythologically inclined. It beautifully stretches over a vast land with picturesque entrances, Pillars and ceilings. Since it is not overtly crowded you can spend time near the sanctum of the temple and soak in the energy. This temple is historically relevant too as it was plundered by the armies of Alauddin Khilji twice. However, if you visit this place you will realize that what is meant to survive will always withstand the worst and stand tall.