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Kannur- Lesser Known Travel Destination

If you are looking for a quiet time with family or friends then head south to the much less travelled and almost unexplored city of Kerala, Kannur. This place came into news recently for political clashes between left and right wing. You can take a road trip to Kannur from Bangalore or directly land at Kannur airport. You can get decent hotels at very reasonable rates and delicious south Indian food as well.

Dharmadam Beach

If you are an early riser, then give yourself a morning treat by visiting the Payyambalam Beach which would probably be less crowded at that time and you can catch a nice morning breeze on its long stretch of sand.

Near Payyambalam Beach

After filling yourself with appam and filter coffee you can move on to the historically significant St. Angelo Fort, which was built by Portuguese in 1505. Take a tour of it and sink in the scenic views of the bay. Don’t forget to carry a hat and sunglasses, Sun is very harsh in Coastal areas.

St. Angelo Fort

If you are religious enough to visit holy places then you can spare some time out and visit the Bhadrakali Temple or the Holy Trinity Cathedral and spend a quiet and serene evening there. And if you are not that religious you would still love the architecture of these olden structures. The

Keep your next day for extreme level of beach hopping because you may not find such varied variety of sand, clean and less crowded beaches in our country anywhere. Don't forget to watch the popular Theyyam dance in Parassinikadavu temple .Theyyam is perhaps the most significant ritualistic art form of Kerala - God's Own Country,performance of Theyyam is supposed to make life prosperous and remove all hazards

Peralaserry Temple

So start your next day with Baby beach, since it is a rocky and deep beach so you won’t be able to dive in the water but if you are a traveller then you will spend some quality thinking time here.

If you have come this far you would want to get to the better part of it all. Reach Kanam Beach with a mat and sun bathe as much as you would like. It beautiful with a sequence of beautiful palm trees making it picture perfect for your whole family.

Near Muzhappilangad Beach

Save a lot of your energy for this supremely exquisite beach that is Thottada. It’s a little far from the city but it is worth your troubles. You can dive in the water, play, swim and even play some volleyball if you are a group. This place has it all for all of us who want to get away from the busy bustling city life.

Thottada Beach

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